Find out how to contribute directly to the work of is a non-profit organisation. We depend on the benevolence of our sponsors and donors to facilitate the service we provide.

If you wish to contribute, you can:

  1. Search the news section for stories of needy persons and give cash using the accounts set up for them.
  2. Go through your home and gather up all the out of use and unneeded items and give to a charity of your choice. Our Charities section is COMING SOON. Get ready. There you will see a list of charities along with their wishlists.
  3. Give to the work of by contributing to the upkeep of the website by donating to us via PayPal. Send PayPal donations directly to our email address (DonateJa [at]
  4. Advertise with us. We welcome banners (468 x 60 pixel). These will be placed at the bottom of web pages on the site. Sponsors are offered premium advertising space.

We invite you to support the work of by making a donation via PayPal. Our service is provided to the public free of cost but we do have a small overhead to keep the website going. Funds donated are used to maintain the domain name and hosting as well as pay for investigations, photos, follow-up calls and visits. On occasion, where we are able, we also facilitate the delivery of small donated items.

Whatever you can afford to give will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks to all for reading.
If you want to get in touch with us, just drop us a line at
DonateJa [at]